Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Planet themes

posted by Todd T @ 6:13 PM

Following up on a previous thread about solar system travelogue sf, I am copying this in from the Locus site:

Bova, Ben : Mercury(Tor 0-765-30412-0, $24.95, 319pp, hardcover, May 2005, jacket art John Harris) First US edition (UK: Hodder & Stoughton, February 2005)
Latest on Bova's ongoing series about human exploration of the solar system (following novels about Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn), concerning an ambitious scheme to build a staging area on Mercury for lauching ships into deep space, with a love triangle and a revenge plot adding human interest. • The new work page on Bova's site quotes a passage from the book. • Amazon has reviews from PW and from Booklist's Roland Green, who concludes "this superior entry in one of the classic hard-sf sagas going is pretty much a guaranteed crowd-pleaser."

I've never read much Bova, and had not realized he was doing this. One could count on it at least being technically accurate, I would think.


At 10:16 PM, Blogger Tim Walters said...

I think of Bova as second-tier hard SF, but I'm not sure why, because I don't think I've ever read him. Probably I should check him out, if only to have a more informed opinion.

The question, of course, would be whether to read the series in chronological, internal-chronological, or astronomical order.

I haven't been posting because (a) work is very busy and (b) I've been reading a massive tome. Almost done, though.


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