Saturday, April 16, 2005

Fox in Stockings

posted by Todd T @ 6:15 AM

Finished LADY INTO FOX this morning. I have to agree with Tim that it is just right. It's a fine book. I enjoyed the writing, and sympathized (might say remembered) the twists back and forth between extremes in the protagonist's emotions as he struggles to deal. If there is any flaw in the book at all, I think it is that the final sentence only rings true in the metaphorical sense, and not as part of the story on its face. I can't quite believe that this guy, who has been through what he's been through and become what he is, would experience that fate, but I can certainly buy into it in the sense of how people eventually come out of such passages in real life. Exceedingly minor cavil. (Is "minor cavil" redundant?) Great story, thanks for the gift, Tim.

I found it amusing that there is a blurb on the back that I dare say pants for more, from Virginia Woolf. Forget it, Ginnie, ladies turn into foxes, but it's MAN INTO WOLF, and TEENAGER INTO WOLF, etc.

I looked at the list of other McSweeney's/Collins books advertised in the back, and reminded that I have heard good things about ENGLISH AS SHE IS SPOKE. Apparently truly funny. Any exposure to that one?


At 6:37 AM, Blogger Todd T said...

"I looked and...reminded that I.."


Indeed, as she is wrote too also.

At 5:56 PM, Blogger Tim Walters said...

Fox in bluestockings?

I just checked the last sentence, and I agree with you. I'll contradict myself and say that a five- or ten-page aftermath would be helpful here.

I've heard the phrase "English as she is spoke" many times, but never knew where it came from until I saw that blurb. The other titles sound intriguing as well.


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