Monday, August 13, 2007

Burning Man Info

posted by Tim Walters @ 11:28 PM

This seems as good a place as any to stash my Burning Man schedule. Updates to follow as needed..

Josie and I will be camping with MathCamp at 7:30 & Intertidal. Here are some events happening there.

I also have a bunch of gigs:

1. Tim Thompson, Craig Latta, and I will be doing two shows as Charm Offensive, playing folk-rock:

-- Center Camp, Saturday, 3am
-- The Duck Pond (Habitat and 9:00), Saturday, 10pm

Here's a glimpse at our material.

2. The same trio will also be forming as fud (substituting for dud, who couldn't make a quorum this year):

-- Mutant Audio Outpost (3:00 Plaza at 11:00), Thursday, 8pm

No demo for this, but it will be experimental electronic music of some sort.

3. Lastly, I'll be subbing on bass for indie-rock band American Winter (warning: MySpace auto-play). UPDATE: The Compound has had to cancel their trip to BM due to a last-minute emergency. We'll be trying to schedule some alternative American Winter gigs. Watch this space.


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